The author of Great Moments Of Sportsmanship, PR Smith, ran an inspirational Great Sportsmanship workshop for Ballymun Youthreach which was attended by all staff and students during Easter Week 2013.

This collection of true two minute stories are now in the Ballymun Youthreach library

Paul said: “The students are fantastic, full of energy, chat, questions and, most importantly, a real understanding of the importance of embracing sportsmanship values. They got it very quickly.”
Paul suggested a simple way to remember the seven values of sportsmanship (Honour, Honesty, Humility, Enjoyment, Friendship, Fair Play and Respect) was to use the acronym HHHEFFR which was a mis-spelling of the word Heifer. When Paul asked what was a heifer (pronounced ‘heffer’), he was told it was a ‘fat girl’ (as opposed to a young cow)!

Paul told stories about sportsmanship from last week in the Premiereship to the London 2012 Olympics boxing and right back to the Ancient Olympics. This video, ‘Anyone For Olympism?’ summarises these stories and the Great Sportsmanship Programme which is an educational programme based on true two minute stories about sportsmanship. Delivered via seminars, webinars, workshops, the book and a massive online platforms of the sportsmanship blog, facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest. The workbook and tutor guide extend the programme which also boosts literacy.

Paul encouraged all students to change the world little by little with acts of sportsmanship whether on the pitch or in life. He also invited students (and staff) to become student ambassadors – several already have. They can now add ‘2013 – Ambassador to the Great Sportsmanship Programme’ onto their own CV which will make it stand out from all other CVs – whenever they are looking for a job.
Finally, Paul asked the students to keep sending in their sportsmanship stories, to ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘comment’ on the online true 2 minute stories. Paul said he was inspired by the students who were “absolutely brilliant as they are a new generation who can become whatever they wanted if they keep learning and also embrace the sportsmanship values both on the pitch and in their future careers.”
Paul promised to come back in July. But meanwhile, the take away thought was best expressed by this lovely old verse that used to be framed and hung on the wall of his home in Dublin………it’s the acid test of whether you believe in sportsmanship…….would you download this, print it and then post it on your wall?

Download this ornate verse from the Great Sportsmasnhip Free Poster Page and/or join the discussion about the mystery of who actually wrote these great words

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