Ballymun Youthreach was delighted to be the host for the launch of Ballymun ‘Wake Up, Take Up’ Week this week. The iniative was attended by our own students, students from Trinity Comp and assorted guests from the area including ex Minister Roisin Shorthall, the Equal Youth Iniative and the Drugs Task Force. Jacqui Caulfield introduced guest speaker John Lonergan, a man well-acquainted with our own Eddie McElligot from the recent RTE series ‘John Lonergan’s Circus’. The assorted crowd listened attentively to an address from Lonergan on the dangers of cannabis before sampling some of the famous Youthreach scones in the canteen.

Events for ‘Wake Up, Take Up’ week include a football blitz in Trinity Comp, cannabis awareness in Trinity Comp and a Ballyrunners Induction.

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